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Title: Tervari Apocalypse
Post by: Sadoldporygon on September 03, 2013, 07:55:26 pm
A world after economy and world government; after a large apocalyptic war, four human factions each seeking an objective for the world, seek out survival and rebeliance.

The world starting to crumble apart over world chaos, and the UGT launched numerous nuclear bombs in different parts of the Tervari region, killing, crippling, injuring, disabling and/or mutating most people in the radius of the blasts.

Most people close enough in the blast radius were mutated to go psychopathic, only used to eating Humans. They are average moving, and are adapted to survive without water, since most water after the blast is radioactive. They hunt as a pack and are not playable as a character (NPCs)

HMs or Hive Mutants were originated from a research facility. During the explosions, they were still being tested in Biomecha suits and HMNs (Hive Mind Nanites), until the expirements were disturbed with the radiation and explosions.