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Distortion Diarys: The Descent into Darkness


Once there was a boy named Allan Destori. He was a boy that had a very special gift. He can see different things from other dimensions. But he was always the oddball out for everything because of his unique gift since everyone thought he was crazy.
Allen had 3 [main] friends; Alex, Kevin and Jenna. They all knew what he was going through and understanded his gift to see things from "the other side".

One day Allan was walking to school when he noticed a shadowy quadraped; a "disfigure" as he called what he can see with his gift, walking down the street about to be hit by his bus coming down the street.
Allan: Nooo!!!
The bus stopped before it hit the figure "disfigure" and Allan went over to the dog and made sure it was alright.
Bus Driver: What the hell is wrong with you kid?! I need to get you to school!!
Allan: But you almost hit this dog!
Bus Driver: Theres no dog there you loon! Get on the bus before I leave you here with your imaginary dog!
Allan stared down at the dog and back at the bus driver. He then got up onto the bus and sat in the front seat, alone. However, the dog followed him and was next to his seat.
Allan (in a whisper): Look what you made me look like; a crazy fool (to the dog)
The dog looks up at Allan and stares to the other direction where another Disfigure was standing...


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